Toy Factory

Toy Factory

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Toy Factory

Game Information

Base Game

Toy Factory uses 20 paylines on a 5x3 reel slot.



The Pays button will show you the games paytable, and also show you all of Toy Factory's Bonus Rounds.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window lets you select the amount that will be staked for the next spin.

Total Won

After any winning spin, the amount won will be displayed in the Total Won window.


The Autoplay feature lets you control the length of time that the game will automatically play for. Choose a number of rounds and the game will start playing for you.


When the game is all set, press Spin to begin the next round.

Toy Soldiers

The Toy Soldiers can appear randomly during any spin, and can trigger one of 3 random features.

Operation Parachute Wilds

As the reels spin, Soldiers will float down from the top of the reels. They will grab one of the reels, and pull it down to reveal a full reel of Wilds for the next spin.

Operation Sergeant Streak

The reels will spin once to make a guaranteed winning combination. The Soldiers will then hold all winning symbols in place, and the reels will re-spin. Any of the same symbols that land on the reels will then also be held, and the reels will re-spin again. This will continue until no new symbols appear on the reels.

Operation Skippin Rope Wilds

As the reels spin, Soldiers will jump off the skipping rope and land on individual symbols on the reels, turning each of them into Wilds for the next spin.

Operation Rocket Bonus

Find at least 3 Bonus symbols on the reels to trigger the Operation Rocket Bonus. Find 3 symbols to just trigger the Bonus, finding 4 or 5 will also award a multiplier up to 5x at the end of the bonus. When the Bonus starts, 2 soldiers will bring a constructed rocket launcher onto the reels, and will launch one of the soldiers up past the reels. The screen will then go past the reels, and reveal where the soldier landing, passing bonuses on different bookshelves along the way. The Soldier will fly past them all, and deploy a parachute, floating down the bookshelves until he finally lands on one of the bonuses.

Mystery Win Bonus Round

If the Mystery Win Bonus Round is won, then you'll be asked to pick a postcard. When you choose a postcard, a cash value will rise up, and the final value will be your prize. The other postcards will then turn around, and reveal the other available options.

Trail Bonus

The Trail Bonus will take you into the corridor, where you will be asked to choose one of the toys in the x5 row. Each toy will either reveal: Collect, Advance or Simon Says. Collect will award any winnings so far, and advance will move the you up to the x10 row, and you'll get another choice of toys. Simon Says will either reveal Operation Airdrop, Operation Big Money, Operation Trail Boost or Operation Bonus Fire. Operatoin Airdrop wil move the Soldiers up the trail by helicopter. Operation Big Money will take the player straight to the Big Money Screen. Operation Trail Boost will increase all the values on the trail, giving you a guarantee of a bigger win. Operation Open Fire will remove certain multipliers from the trail. The Big Money Screen will take you into a girl's bedroom, where you will have to shoot one of the targets available. Shooting the targets will reveal a multiplier between 50x-1000x.

Abacus Free Spins Bonus Round

The Abacus Free Spins will take you to a new screen, with an abacus and the reels both in view. You will then have to pick from the Abacus to be awarded the bonuses during your Free Spins. You will have to choose how many Free Spins oyu get, the multiplier that will be applied to all of the wins, and the symbol that will be turned into a Wild. You can keep on choosing until the Start Free Spins button is revealed. You'll then be shown the reels and the Bonus Round will begin.

Plant Pot Free Spins Bonus

The top shelf will award the Plant Pot Free Spins Bonus. You'll be taken a new screen, this time inside of a plant pot. The reels will spin, and you'll get a Sgt Super Spin. The Super Spin will cause soldiers to cover the reels in celebrtation, and will also guarantee a win. This win will create a value for the Scatters which appear during the rest of the spins. The reels will keep spinning, and anytime a Sgt symbol lands on the reels, the scatter win will be awarded. A Simon Says scattr wil award extra Free Spins, and can appear at any point.

Toy Shelf

The Toy Shelf Free Spins will take place on a Toy Shelf, which is covered in 5 different reels. The screen will start on the 5th set of reels, which is covered in Wilds. The screen will then move down each reel, showing that each reel has less Wilds than the previous one. The Free Spins will start on the first set of reels, which has 2 Walking Wilds. Collect 3 Soldier Stickers during your Free Spins, and you will advance to the next set of reels, which will feature more Wilds. You'll need more stickers to keep on advancing, but each time you move up a reel, you'll be playing with even more Wilds.

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

Find 5 Jackpot King symbols on the reels during any spin, and the Jackpot King Bonus will begin. You'll then have to spin the reels, and collect Crown Symbols along the way. Collecting Crown symbols will move you up the Cash Trail up to the elusive Wheel King Bonus at the top. Collecting pieces of the Kings Treasure along the way will also award cash prizes and Free Spins. Reaching the top of the Cash Trail will give you a spin of the Wheel King Bonus. Here, you can win up to 1000x your bet, or even win the whole Jackpot King Progressive Pot!

Game Stats



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Max. Bet




Plus Jackpot King Progressive

Bonus Round

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

Operation Rocket Bonus

Toy Soldiers Bonus