Robo Bucks Garage

Robo Bucks Garage

Play with S.P.U.D on Route 66's own slot machine in Robo Bucks Garage! Race up Route 66 for your cash at big cash prizes.

Robo Bucks Garage

Game Information

Base Game

Robo Bucks Garage is a 53 reel slot with 30 paylines.



Press the Paytable button to view the value of each symbol.


The Stake/Line shows you how much is being bet on each line in play. Use the up (+) and down (-) arrows to change this.


Press Spin to place your bet and spin the reels

Total Paid

The Total Paid window shows you the total winnings on a winning spin.


Press Autoplay to make the game automatically spin for a set amount of time

Prize Wheel

Take a spin on the Prize Wheel to win a number of prizes. Each spin could reveal either a cash prize, a multiplier or entry to a bonus round.

Road 66 Bonus

Take a road trip for big wins in the Road 66 Bonus Round. Travel up the road and earn more the further you make it. Make sure to fill up on gas and make it as far as you can for your chance at big wins.

Drive In Bonus

Take a pick from the selection of symbols and reveal 3 to win a prize. Each symbol comes with a value. Once 3 matching symbols are revealed, the prize will be awarded. Picks will be awarded until symbols are matched.

S.P.U.D Help Feature

S.P.U.D will always be by the side of the reel and will often help to give you big wins. He can spin the reels again to provide a win or even nudge the Prize Wheel to give you a bigger win.

Game Stats



Min. Bet


Max. Bet




Bonus Round

Prize Wheel

Road 66 Bonus

Drive In Bonus

S.P.U.D Help Feature