Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses

Go back in time and relive your youth as you play your favourite childhood game - Noughts and Crosses. The fun filled game has now been reimagined into a rewarding scratch card, where you can win up to £10,000.

Noughts and Crosses

Game Information


Account Balance

This shows you how much you've got left in your accoun to play with.

Stake Value

Here you can choose how much you wish to stake before each scratch. With the minimum stake at 10p and the maximum stake at £10. To increase the stake value click the up arrow and to decrease the stake value click the down arrow.


Click the Play button to play one round.

Reveal All

Clicking REVEAL ALL will show all the sections available on your scratch card.

Scratch Here

This lets you scratch each segment individually to reveal if you have a winning scratch card. Click on all the squarers to complete the game.

Game Stats

Min. Bet


Max. Bet