Jackpots of Goo

Jackpots of Goo

Jackpots of Goo is a unique game filled with wonderful creatures! Play with reels unlike any other slot and win big with these weird experiments.

Jackpots of Goo

Game Information

Base Game

Jackpots of Goo is a 5 reel cascading slot that does not use paylines , instead making you match up symbols in any position on the reels.


Total Win

After each winning spin, the total amount you have won is shown in the Total Win window.


The Credit window show you how much is left in yout account.


Press I to view the games paytable as well as any extra information.


Press Autoplay to make the game play for a selected number of rounds by itself.

Total Bet

The Total Bet can be changed by pressing the arrows and selecting a value.

Cascading Reels

Rather than spinning reels in traditional slots, different colours of Goo will drop onto the 5 reels, with an ajdacent matching jars awarding a win. If jars match, they will smash and more jars will fall. This will continue until no more new matches are found.

Win Trail

Each time there is a win, the Win Trail will increase by 1. When no more new wins are found, the modifier found on the current position on the trail will take place. If the modifier creates a new win, then the streak will continue and the Win Trail will continue to climb. If you reach the top of the trail, you will be given one spin of the Slime Wheel. The Slime Wheel gives one spin to award a multiplier, up to 10x, which will be applied to all wins in the current trail.

Game Stats

Min. Bet


Max. Bet




Bonus Round

Win Trail

Cascading Reels