Candy Bars

Candy Bars

Take part in all the fun of the fair when you play Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune! Choose your ticket to play one of the 6 Theme Park Bonus Games.

Candy Bars

Game Information

Base Game

Theme Park is a 5x3 reel slot with 50 available paylines.


Bet Level

The Bet Level represents the number of coins being staked on each bet line. Use the left (-) and right (+) arrows to decrease and increase your bet level.


Click the Spin button to place your bet and spin the reels.

Max Bet

Using the Max Bet feature will spin the reels with the highest bet level and the current coin value.

Coin Value

The Coin Value shows you how much each coin is worth that is being staked. Use the left (-) and right (+) arrows to increase and decrease the coin value.


Use the Autoplay button to automatically spin the reels for a selected number of rounds.

Stacked Wild Substitution

Stacked Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. They will substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter, Bonus and Claw symbols, to help complete the highest possible win on any winline.

Claw Feature

Trigger the Claw Feature by finding a Claw symbol on the 5th reel. The Claw will go down and grab a toy from beneath the reels, and a coin win will be awarded. The coin win will be between 2x-15x the original stake, and you will also be awarded any other winnings from winning lines.

Theme Park Ticket Game

Find 3 Scatter symbols on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels to begin the Theme Park Ticket Game. The game can also be activated through the Theme Park Bonus Wheel, however both bonuses cannot be active at the same time. Spin the Theme Park Ticket Wheel to win one of the available tickets. The tickets you win allow you to enter the Theme Park Map and play on the Theme Park Bonus Games. Click the Stop button to win tickets, or the Wheel will automatically stop after 30 seconds of spinning. Inititally, you will be awarded 3 spins of the Wheel, with additional spins also awarded on some position, as well as tickets. After all your spins are used up, you will use the Theme Park Map to choose which Bonus Games you wish to play. Each Bonus Game costs a different amount of tickets to play, and games can be played until you have ran out of tickets. When all your tickets have ran out, the total win from all your Bonus Games will be added up and awarded to you.

Theme Park Bonus Wheel

Find the Bonus symbol on the 5th reel in the main game to activate the Theme Park Bonus Wheel. The Wheel is divided into 11 positions, 6 Bonus Game positions, 4 Coin Win positions and the Theme Park Ticket Game position. Press the Stop button to stop the wheel, or the wheel will automatically stop after 30 seconds of spinning. If the Wheel lands on a Bonus Game, you will have a chance to play, regardless of the ticket price. At the end of the Bouns Games, the total win from the Games will be awarded. If the Theme Park Bonus Wheel lands on a coin win position, then a coin win will be awarded, which will be your inital bet, multiplied by the value on the wheel. After all winnings have been awarded, the main game will resume.

Theme Park Bonus Games

The Theme Park Bonus Games can be played through either the Theme Park Ticket Game or the Theme Park Bonus Wheel.

Punchbag Bonus Game

Punch the Punchbag to instantly be awarded a coin win. The coin win will be between 2x-25x your initial stake. The Punchbag Bonus Game costs 1 ticket to play.

Sledgehammer Bonus Game

Drop the hammer to be awarded a coin win. The win will be a 2x-100x multiplier applied to your initial stake. The Sledgehammer Bonus Game costs 2 tickets to play.

Can Tower Bonus Game

The Can Tower Bonus Game shows 3 towers, with 6 cans in each tower. Throw one ball at each tower, to knock over as many cans as possible. Each can that is knocked down is worth a 2x multiplier to your inital bet. If all cans are knocked down, then you will win 900x your initial stake. The Can Tower Bonus Game costs 3 tickets to play.

Skee Ball Bonus Game

Throw 5 balls into the pockets at the end of the ramps. Each ball will award you with one multiplier, between 1x-5x, which will all be added up to award a total multiplier at the end of the Game. The Skee Ball Bonus Game costs 5 tickets to play.

Fishing Bonus Game

Pick fish to award you with a mutliplier between 2x-50x. You will initally start with 5 picks, however you can win up to another additional 5. The Fishing Bonus Game costs 7 tickets to play.

Duck Shoot Bouns Game

You will be awarded 5 shots to shoot the Ducks with. Each Duck will award a coin win between 1x-50x the current bet amount. Aswell as the coin win, you will also be awarded the multipler. The multiplier will be added to a Win Multiplier Meter, which will begin at 1. Each Duck may increase the Win Multiplier Meter by 1, and the maximum value is 4. At the end of the game, the total Win Multiplier Meter value will be added to all wins during the Bonus. The Duck Shoot Bonus Game costs 10 tickets to play.

Game Stats



Min. Bet


Max. Bet




Bonus Round

Claw Feature

Theme Park Ticket Game

Theme Park Bonus Wheel

Theme Park Bonus Games - Punchbag, Sledgehammer, Can Tower, Skee Ball, Fishing, Duck Shoot