Blackjack Multihand

Blackjack Multihand

It's time to find out if Lady Luck is on your side at our Blackjack Multihand tables! Play in every seat of the table as you take on the dealer, will you stand or hit?

Blackjack Multihand

Game Information

How to Play

Playing Blackjack is all about getting 21 and beating the dealer. You will be dealt 2 cards initially, before being given the option to hit or stand. Hit to take another card, or stand to stick with what you've got. Get as close to 21 as you can and beat the dealer to win. If the dealer goes over 21, all hands will win, but go over 21 yourself and you'll automatically lose.



The Chips you can place range in value from just 50p up to £100. You can place up to £500 on each seat, so a maximum of £2,500 on the whole table. Select the size of your chip and choose your seat to start placing your bets.


Click Clear to remove all bets from the table.


Pressing Undo will remove the last chip that you placed.


Press the X Button next to a seat to remove all bets placed on that seat.

Total Bet

The Total Bet shows you how much is being staked across all seats for the next round.


The total amount left in your account is shown in the Balance window

Place All

Pressing Place All will place your selected chip on every seat. The maximum bet per seat is £500, with a max bet of £2,500 across the table.


When you have placed all your bets, press Deal to begin the next game.

In Game Play


Pressing Hit will draw you another card to your hand.


Press Stand and your hand will finish the the cards currently in play. You will then play on your next hand, or the dealer will begin to play.


You will get the chance to double your bet at the start of each of your hands. Press Double to double your current bet on that hand. Press Stand or Hit to carry on playing, with the Double option now no longer available.


You will get the split option if you recieve 2 cards of the same value in your first hand. Pressing Split will then split the cards into 2 seperate hands, creating a new bet. Splitting the cards will then place the same bet on your new hand. You will then continue to play on the 2 seperate hands, unless you have split 2 aces. In this case, only one new card will be dealt per split hand.


When your hand is over, press Repeat/Deal to automatically place the same bets as your last hand and draw your first cards.


Pressing Rebet after your hand is over will place the same bets as your last hand but will not deal any cards. This means you can make any small changes to your previous bet.