Great for beginners to get started on, or for the more experienced gambler to hedge your bets on an old classic! Simply bet where the ball will land on the wheel; take a risk and pick one lucky spot, or take more control over your reward and place a 50/50 bet on the colour! You've got complete control over your risk and reward on every spin, all you need to do now is make your best guess.


Game Information

How to Play Roulette

The goal in Roulette is to anticipate where the ball will land in the wheel, and to place bets accordingly. There are a variety of bet types, and the paybacks for the different bets vary. Information regarding the bets and paybacks is provided on the game's paytable, which is accessed from the button on the Console to the right of the game screen.

To play, begin by selecting a chip value from the game Controls. Each chip value represents a number of credits, each in the denomination that you selected when you launched the game.

After you have selected a chip value, you may place wagers on the table. As you move your mouse across the number board, you will see the payback ratios for the bet opportunities that you are moving over displayed in a window at the top of the game screen. To place a wager, left click the mouse on the chosen wager spot. Each click will add another chip of the selected value to the stack. The total bet for the wager on that spot will be displayed on the top chip of the stack, as well as in the window that displays the payback ratio. To remove a wager from a spot, you may press on the keyboard while left clicking the mouse. If you want to remove all wagers from the board, you may do so by clicking the Clear Bets button.

Keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum limits for wagers on the table, and you will be prompted as a reminder of these. If the minimum table bet is larger than a single chip, then you may make single chip bets as long as the total of all wagers meets the table minimum.

In Roulette, there is a maximum wager limit for each bet, as well as a table maximum limit. The limit for a bet on an individual spot is a fraction of the overall table limit - for single number bets the maximum wager limit is one twentieth of the table limit, for multi-number bets you may bet up to one twentieth of the table limit for every number included in your position. The following table describes the maximum bet for each bet opportunity.

Bet Opportunity

Maximum Bet

One number

1/20 of maximum table limit

Split bet (two numbers)

2/20 of maximum table limit

Row bet (three numbers)

3/20 of maximum table limit

Corner bet (four numbers)

4/20 of maximum table limit

Five numbers

5/20 of maximum table limit

Six numbers

6/20 of maximum table limit

2 to 1 (twelve numbers)

12/20 of maximum table limit

1 st12, 2 nd12, and 3rd12

12/20 of maximum table limit

Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18, and 19-36

18/20 of maximum table limit

Once you have placed all desired wagers, click the Spin button to launch the ball into the wheel. It will land on one of the positions on the wheel. The outcome will be shown as the top number on the outcome history display, at the right of the game screen. A marker will also be placed on the number board at the winning position. Any losing wagers will be cleared from the table. Any winning wagers will be paid according to the paytable. Your winning wagers will remain on the table for a period of time and then cleared from the table. You can choose to bet the same amounts and positions by clicking the Re-Bet button, or you just place your new bet. If you choose to Re-Bet, you will need to click the SPIN button to start the game.


Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Awards are shown in credits.

Minimum and maximum Table wagers are shown in currency.

Additional Information

The Game Consoleprovides information and access to additional features:

  • Your current balance in your chosen currency

Your total number of credits

The denomination in which the game is being played. This represents the value of each credit.

The Meter Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the denomination that the game is being played in, the number of credits paid if a win occurred, and the number of credits bet on the last/current proposition.

Game Stats

Min. Bet


Max. Bet